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The “Multi Box”

  • Single office box
  • Phone Box
  • Conversation box
  • Concentration box
  • Confidentiality Box
  • Sound absorbing box
The vision of a multifunctional office box was developed by consultants implementing hybrid work environments

Based on the vision, the Multi Box was designed in a user-centered manner as a multifunctional space within the workplace and as a system component for hybrid work and further developed to series production

  • In addition to a wide range of users, multifunctionality includes use as an individual office, for confidential conversations, two meetings, retreat & Concentration also functions as a sound-absorbing separating element in open spaces

  • The Multi Box is made exclusively from sustainable materials from a “cradle to cradle” perspective

  • The box can be set up in all standard office rooms without any technical preparation, either individually or in groups as a system

  • The external dimensions are not too large to enable the box to be integrated into all common office layouts without loss of efficiency and not too small to ensure a high quality of stay inside too.

  • A separate base plate was omitted in order to give users a greater feeling of space and better room integration 

  • The Multi Box also allows access for people with limited mobility, such as wheelchair users, who can easily get into the box when the table is placed off-center

  • Through an extensive “Test & Learn” program, minor errors and potential for improvement were identified, corrected and implemented 

The Multi Box was designed for integration into open office concepts and offers a retreat space close to the workplace.
The double door and sliding table make it possible to use it for two people with only minimal installation space.
The highly sound-absorbing outer surface of the Multi Box reduces the reverberation time and thus improves the room acoustics
The Multi Box is the result of an iterative development process, the vision became reality step by step 
Glass front with two glass doors and steel frames
  • Single or double use without additional maneuvering space required 

The walls and ceiling are highly sound-absorbing
  • Acoustically dampened inside for optimal conversation atmosphere 

  • Over 8 square meters of highly absorbent acoustic walls on the outside for improved acoustics in the room outside the box 

The combination of “double door and sliding table” is new and has therefore been registered as a patent 
Conversation, concentration, confidence, …
  • With two seats and the table placed in the middle, the box can be used by two people for confidential conversations or participation in hybrid meetings, etc. 

Single Office, Phone Box, …
  • The table is attached to the back wall with a rail and can be moved with just one movement

  • If the table is placed off-center, the box as a single office offers the user more space to move around and room comfort.

Element 1.png
Another unique feature of the Multi Box is that it can be integrated as a piece of furniture into all common office concepts.
Application example

  • The external dimensions of 2.25 by 1.21 meters are designed to ensure that the box can be integrated into all common office layouts

  • With these dimensions, the Multi Box is large enough to ensure a very high quality of stay even with two people

  • As shown in the illustration on the right, the box can be easily arranged at the head of groups of tables in order to offer employees a multifunctional space that is very close to their workplace. 

  • At the same time, the Multi Box is used as a sound absorber and protects the open workstations from office noise

  • The noises emanating from the open table group are also absorbed for other office users.

The prefabricated components of the Multi Box are assembled at the installation site within approx. 3 hours 
  • Glass elements: Two glass doors, 95.9 x 209.7 cm made of 8 mm toughened safety glass (ESG), can be opened to the outside, stop on the central rail. The glass doors are also available from laminated safety glass (VSG) in versions with increased sound insulation for an additional charge

  • Wall elements: Acoustic system walls based on OSB / wood fiber, with a 9 mm vitAcoustic insulation board made from recycled PET bottles (PET felt) inside and outside. Designed as a highly sound-absorbing system on the outside and an acoustic-optimizing system on the inside.

  • Ceiling elements: Acoustic system element like the walls, but highly sound-absorbing on the inside and coated white on the outside for deep absorption

  • Technology module: The electrical and fan technology is located on the ceiling element to improve acoustics. Thanks to an integrated sound absorber labyrinth, the ventilation is almost silent 

  • Furnishing: In addition to the fresh air supply, the power supply is also supplied through a shaft on the rear wall. All desired sockets, switches, screens or even CO2 detectors can be installed here. The exhaust air opening is located behind the dimmable LED ceiling light (at least 500 lux) and is therefore not visible. The power connection is via a 3 meter long cable with a Euro plug

  • Layout: All PET felt surfaces can be selected from the 19 colors of the vitAcoustic color samples. The powder coating of the frames and frame parts can also be carried out in all standard RAL colors. The sliding table can be made as a special version made of solid wood or as a standard version made of chipped wood with coated surfaces. The table can also be brought in by the respective furniture framework contract partner. Chairs, on the other hand, are not included in the scope of delivery

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